Great Lakes Star Gaze 12,  River Valley RV Park
Gladwin, Michigan, September 18-21, 2014


Jon                                                                                   Dennis                                 

Dale & Jon                                                    Tim & Leon                                                              Dale


Ford club:

John, Tim, Dale, Dennis, Jon, Syed, Gordon, Jim, John

Bob, Doug                                                     Mike, Tony, Chris                                                      Sayed

Steve, Dennis                                                                              James, Liam, Tim                                                                 Mike

Bottom Feeders and Seven Ponds club:

Bill, Mark, Dennis, Chris, Joe

Joe, John                                                             Bill, Steve

Warren club:

Bill                                              Joe                                                       Jon & Dale are out standing in their field

Oakland club:

Dave, Mark

Swap meet:



David Levy talk and book signing:


Joe makes pizza:


Rain and rainbow:


Bob, Jon, Dennis, Dale, Tim, Doug at Peppermill

Dennis, Jon, Gordon, Doug, Bob, Dale, Tim at Riverwalk


                         Door prize choices                                                        Jim chooses Televue

                                           Prize drawings                                    Steve wins image stabilizing binoculars from Kevin

Solar prominence


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