Great Lakes Star Gaze

GLSG4,  River Valley RV Park
Gladwin, Michigan, September 22-24, 2006



















Observing field under cloudy skies














Dennis attaches identifying ribbon to his vehicle












Oakland Astronomy Club members
John McSorley, Bill Lomaka, Don Wheeler, Mark Javit, Bob Berta, Dave Holt











Ford Amateur Astronomy Club members at dinner at The Remedy
John Schroer, Jon Blum, Dennis Salliotte, Doug Bauer,
Bob MacFarland, Jim Wright, Gordon Hansen, Diane Worth














Phil Harrington, Astronomy Magazine columnist, author of Sky Watch and Sky Wares,
spoke Friday on the history of amateur astronomy over the past 100 years,
and Saturday on how to build a backyard observatory













Looking for bargains at the Swap Meet













The crowd anxiously awaits the drawings for door prizes











The only star we saw at the Star Gaze was the sun briefly peaking through













The only constellations we saw were these on a shirt from GLSG2 (2004)















Club logos on jackets and shirts

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