Great Lakes Star Gaze

GLSG-10,  River Valley RV Park
Gladwin, Michigan, September 13-16, 2012



Jon, Dennis, Steve, John


FAAC prize winners:  Gordon and Jim photo contest, Ron Ethos raffle


Dinner at Peppermill:  Bob, Jon, John, Dennis, Doug, Victor                                      Gordon and Jan with their family


Victor and Bob                           Fred and Sheila                              Tom and Steve


Leon and Tim                                                                                                          Tim, Mark, Dave


Norb                                                                                                          Jon


Jon                                                                  Doug                                                      Bill


Bill                                   Bob                                                  Chris


Tony and son playing horseshoes                                                                                Cathy and Ron


Dinner at Riverwalk:   Doug, John, Jon, Dennis


             Jim, Gordon, Mike                                                     Kevin




Schank Cafe



Steve, Jim, Chris, Larry


Dennis, Gordon, John


Dinner at Peppermill:  Dennis, Larry, Jon, Gordon, Doug, John, Steve, Bob


Steve, John, Joe


The Michigan Nebula



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