Great Lakes Star Gaze

GLSG7,  River Valley RV Park
Gladwin, Michigan, September 17-20, 2009


















Doug Bauer, Therese Oldani, Dennis Salliotte














John Schroer, Jon Blum, Don Klaser












John Kirchoff

Ken Anderson, Tom Cokely, John Connop











Steve Flessa

Chris Strang












Tony Licata with his wife Birgit
and their kids Andrew, Esther, Joanna

Steve Harvath










Mark Jeffrey

Dave Holt, Don Wheeler

Bob MacFarland winning Ethos at raffle,
receiving his prize from Kevin Dehne










Ron Shank, John Lines

Doug Bauer, Bob Berta










Rocket launch
















Astrophotos contest











Biggest scope on the field:
Gary Gibb's 30" Dob with 10' orchard ladder


Pink Porta-Pottie














Kevin Dehne selling Petosky stones











Dinner at Surrey House
Jon Blum, Don Klaser, Bob Berta, John Connop, Doug Bauer, Bob MacFarland, Dennis Salliotte, John Schroer












Dinner at Hangs
Bob Berta, Jon Blum, Bob MacFarland, John Schroer, Dennis Salliotte, Doug Bauer, Therese Oldani, Ken Anderson, Jon Root










Waiting for door prize drawing
Back row:  Don Klaser, Bob MacFarland, Chris Strang, Dennis Salliotte, Bob Berta, John Schroer
Front row:  Doug Bauer, Jon Blum, Ken Anderson, Steve Flessa









Dennis with his setup





Jon with some of his gadgets


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