Astronomy Clubs on Maui



Mahana Astronomy Club















Jane, Ron, Rosie, Jon, meeting at Mahana















Jon, Duane, observing at Launiupoko







Haleakala Amateur Astronomers















Rob, Prentis, Kona, Jon, Jean, James, J.D., Kevin, Thomas














Setting up equipment











Adjacent to professional observatories in Science City














Sunset at the top of Haleakala




Maui Astronomy Club















Jon on the beach for March 8, 2008, Messier Marathon night















Becky (right end with telescope) and some of the 30 people who came
to the Maui Astronomy Club observing event.  Unfortunately we got
clouded out after a couple hours.



Astronomy photos from the winter of 2005 on Maui



Astronomy photos from the winter of 2006 on Maui


Astronomy photos from the winter of 2007 on Maui


My other astronomy photos


Other pictures from this winter 2008 on Maui




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