Waning crescent Moon shortly before sunrise, 3% lit,
rising over the West Maui Mountains at 6:36 AM on 12-29-05.
Notice Mercury just above the mountaintop on the left edge of the photo.



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On the way from Michigan to Maui, I stopped off in San Francisco
and met Sam Sweiss of Scope City.


Waxing crescent Moon shortly after sunset, 6% lit,
setting over the island of Lanai (as seen from Maui) at 6:23 PM on 1-1-06.
Notice Venus far to the lower right of the Moon.










Just a few of about a hundred telescopes in the showroom of Scope City

































Proper attire for observing on Maui in January:
Aloha shirt, shorts, no shoes.
Low temperature this winter night was a bone-chilling 72 degrees.















Full moon setting in the west while the sun was rising in the east, at 7:06 AM on 1-14-06.
Notice the earth's shadow and the Belt of Venus (band of colors just above the ocean horizon).



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