Steve & Steph

August 8, 1999
InterContinental Hotel, Dallas, Texas


HereComes.gif (60960 bytes)   MStStMal.gif (61905 bytes)
        Here comes the bride                     Michael, Steve, Steph, Mallory

Stephfriends.GIF (55221 bytes)    StvFriends.GIF (67306 bytes)
    Steph & friends                                 Steve & friends

RJ.gif (46798 bytes)   Coopers.gif (69429 bytes)
        Rosie & Jon                                 Mallory, Barry, Steph, Lynn, Andrew

FlowerShower.gif (47426 bytes)    Limo.gif (91473 bytes)
  Showered with flowers                     In limo to honeymoon




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