We attended a Smithsonian astronomy seminar in Tucson.
We had classes and visits to giant professional telescopes in the daytime,
then viewing celestial objects through telescopes each night.









Kitt Peak
A dozen huge professional telescopes on a 6800-foot mountain








Radio telescopes






Solar telescope

Left - from the outside              Right - from the inside





Jon's face (with camera) about 50 feet tall
reflected in a multiple-mirror telescope


People standing at the base
of the same multiple-mirror telescope,
showing each mirror is as tall as a person







Vega-Bray, a private observatory for astronomy enthusiasts like us








Several of the telescopes available for public use at Vega-Bray






Our Smithsonian class with the telescopes we each built









Biosphere, an enclosed and sealable glass building
for plant and environmental research









One of about a hundred live hummingbirds in an enclosure
at the outdoor Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum










We stayed in Tucson at the beautiful Arizona Inn






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