Five famous Americans
Mt. Rushmore:
(Scroll down for pictures of other South Dakota sights below, after the pictures of Mt. Rushmore)
We have dinner
with the presidents
Crying in the rain
George, Paul, John, Ringo
Oops, I mean
George, Tom, Teddy, Abe
Under construction in 1940
(cranes and scaffolding)
Plenty of buffalo (bison) wandering free in South Dakota:
Many dinosaur bones were discovered in South Dakota.
Unfortunately, you have to go to the Chicago Natural History Museum to see them.  All that's left here are statues.
Badlands National Park:
Wide open spaces:
Crazy Horse
This is a mountain carving much larger than Mt. Rushmore, under construction.
Foreground (white) statue is a 10-foot model.
Background (profile on mountain) is a 90-foot face,
which is the start of the huge mountain carving.
Store decorated with dozens of cattle skulls
The Wild West:
Wild Bill Hickok's grave
Statues of presidents in downtown Rapid City:
Thomas Jefferson writing the
Declaration of Independence
Rosie & George
Ron & Jon
Scroll down to see the large background photo unobstructed
Our friend Nancy's father, Dr. Reizen, at Mt. Rushmore about 1939.
Notice Roosevelt sculpture not yet completed.
See cranes & workers on other sculptures in the background.