Rosie and Eileen at Brilliance Audio Books, Grand Haven
(Notice the sign in the shape of an audio tape.)









Rosie in audio book recording studio









Sandra Burr, the voice on the Earth's Children books on tape












Books on tape being copied at Brilliance factory








Preparing to package and ship tapes








Dune ride north of Muskegon







Dune ride vehicle










Jon & Rosie on the dune buggy








Sand dunes along Lake Michigan









View down a hill, toward the beach, on Lake Michigan, in Grand Haven






Stroll on the beach








Almost like Maui (sure!)










Windmill at Veldheer Tulip Gardens, Holland, Michigan






Wooden shoe factory









Rosie looks into a dollhouse-like model of Washington's Mt. Vernon home,
Gerald Ford Museum, Grand Rapids









Sculptures of children playing,
Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids










Face sculpture









Sculpture by Keith Haring



















Giant trowel











Carnivorous pitcher plant









Digitalis (foxglove) flowers





Frederick Meijer sits for a chat with Jon
at Meijer Gardens














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