Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania












Rosie getting records of her family from the National Archives


Sunset on the Baltic Sea in Palanga
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Street in Kaunas

Hotel breakfast











Cut-corner building:
Jewish merchants had their home and business on a corner,
with a diagonal entrance door, to attract customers from both streets.














Liepaja (Libau), Latvia

Looking for Jon's ancestors














Lithuanian Heritage tour group



Rosie's great-grandparents' shtetl of Puskelniai, Lithuania























Local transportation











The house where Rosie's grandmother was born in 1881

A building behind the house




















Rosie with Puskelniai Community Leader
and our Lithuanian shtetl guide

Potashinsky Place  --  Inn and Tavern owned by Rosie's great-grandparents

Back of Inn











Entrance to the inn


The inn is about 135 years old











Current residents of the inn
























Train station at Marijampole


Cousin's shtetl of Azuolu Buda, Lithuania













House of Rosie's mother's cousin, Yankel












Yankel's Tavern


Killing fields











Patches that all Jews had to wear on their clothes











Pits at Paneriai where 100,000 people, mostly Jews, were shot between 1941 and 1944












Path to killing field in Marijampole along the Sesupe River











Rosie brought stones from her garden at home to place in remembrance of her relatives who were killed here












Rosie in the field over the mass grave of her cousins and great aunt
and 9000 others murdered by the Nazis in September of 1941