In Dublin's fair city
Where girls are so pretty
I first set my eyes on
Sweet Molly Malone.
As she wheeled her wheelbarrow
Through streets broad and narrow,
Crying "Cockles and mussles,
Alive, alive-O."
The photo above shows Jon, Molly, and wheelbarrow in Dublin.
(OK, so that's not the song that you hear playing, but I couldn't find a MIDI version of "Molly Malone," so you'll have to settle for "When Irish Eyes are Smiling.")
Rosie with King John of Ireland in Limerick
Kylemore Abbey
Rosie and Jon at Ashford Castle (one of the five hotels we stayed at)
Ancient castle at the Cliffs of Moher
Beautiful green fields
Fields, stone fences, bay
Jon kissing the Blarney Stone!
In order to kiss the Blarney Stone, I had to:
a.  wait in line for an hour and ten minutes outdoors in the cold (Rosie gave up after ten minutes and went shopping, while I stayed in line and got to kiss the Blarney Stone);
b.  climb up the inside of the five story ancient castle on a very narrow winding stone staircase;
c.  lie down on my back and tilt my head over backwards and upside down, across a two-foot gap, to kiss the stone, which is part of the castle wall on the roof of the castle.

But I LOVED getting to do it!  (And now I have an excuse for all that blarney that I spout.)
Jon & Rosie on the steps of Blarney Castle
Rosie with waterfall
Thatched-roof house;  Jon & Rosie in horse & buggy
Killarney, a typical Irish small town
Dublin (the capital and largest city), on the Liffey River
All of the pictures below were also taken in Dublin
The amazing library at Trinity College:  200,000 books in one very long two-story room
Outdoor market
There are numerous stalls selling flowers on the streets of Dublin
A modern-day Molly Malone sells fruits and vegetables on the streets of Dublin