Rosie and Jon at Epcot
They put a huge "2000" on the Epcot ball (see it in tbe background) for the millenium celebration.
Having dinner at the Norway pavillion at Epcot
Notice Jon's troll and Rosie's viking ship dessert
Jon, Rosie, Walt, and Mickey
in front of the castle
at Magic Kingdom
Rosie at the animation pavillion
at MGM
Rosie with Lego tourists and Lego aliens at Disney Marketplace (Downtown Disney)
Bet you never thought you'd see Jon on an exercise bike.  This one has interactive video (in the Innoventions building at Epcot).
One of our favorite parts of Small World
(reminds us of you-know-where)
Rosie at Animal Kingdom
Jon & Rosie meet some of their favorite characters
And with Safari Mickey at Animal Kingdom
Jon with Christmas Mickey at Epcot
OK, so this one isn't the REAL Mickey
(in a store at Disney's Boardwalk)
Robin says that after meeting the real Mickey, I hauled him to a taxidermist and had him stuffed.
With Donald at Epcot
With Pluto at Epcot
Winnie the Pooh and Rosie too
at Magic Kingdom
The most wonderful thing about Tiggers
is I'm the only one.
Woody, Jon, and Buz Lightyear
at MGM