Rehearsal dinner in a park:












Karen & Bill

Matt & Dorene












Jon with four cute chicks:
Vicky, Lucille, Mary Margaret, Rosie


Reception dinner at the Oxford Hotel:
















Vicky (mother of the bride) with her family:
Jon, Rosie, Mary Margaret, Dorene, Matt, Vicky, Karen, Bill, Milton, Susan, Lucille
















Jules (father of the bride) with his family:
Phil, Jack, Jules, Karen, Bill, Dorene, Matt, Paul













Jules, Vicky, Bill, Karen, Dorene, Matt











Rosie & Jon

Susan & Milton










Alan & Olwen (mother of the groom)


Karen & Bill









Bill & Karen


Matt, Dorene, Karen, Bill

Sunday brunch at Vicky's home:











Milton, Susan, Jon, Rosie


Mary Margaret, Rosie, Vicky

Cousins excursions the day after:












Shopping in Denver:
Vicky, Rosie, Susan, Mary Margaret, Lucille

















Rocky mountain high in Breckenridge
Jon, Lucille, Vicky, Rosie, Susan, Milton









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