Standing: Marty, John, Haviva, Max, Gloria, Fran, Bob, Barb, Susan, Jon
On couch: Rosie, Hanley, Young Hee, Jackie, Dave, Sam, Maddie, Stephanie, Jen, Marcy
On floor: Milt, Dan, Kylie, Becca, Ryan, Steve, Steph, Charlie


Standing: Helen, Max, Gloria, Young Hee, Stephanie, Sam, Dan, Jamie, John, David, Jackie, Fran
On couch: Marty, Hanley, Jordan, Charlie, Jenna, Madeline, Rosie, Dan, Susan
On floor: Jon, Marci, Milt, Steve, Ryan, Suzanne, Haviva, Becca, Kylie


Standing: Dan, David, Jackie, Charlie, Marty, Gloria, Max
On couch:  Sam, Stephanie, Jenna, Young Hee, Marci, Helen, Fran, Rosie
On floor:  Jon, Ryan, Steve, Becca, Stephanie


Behind upper railing:  David, Jackie, Stephanie, Sam, Rosie, Jon, Clare, Marcy
Standing in front of railing:  Marty, Bob, Barb, Gloria, Max, Jamie, Dan
On couch:  Joe, Roberta, Haviva, John, Young Hee, Fran, Helen, Hanley
On floor:  Dan, Ryan, Becca, Kylie, Steve, Stephanie, Milton, Susan


Standing:  Bob, Barb, Marty, Marcy, Dan, Max, Gloria, David, Jackie
On couch:  Joe, Roberta, Rosie, Fran, Hanley, Young Hee, Jon
On floor:  Milton, Susan, Steve, Steph, Ryan, Becca, Kylie, Haviva


Standing:  Young Hee, Rosie, Dan, Gloria, Max
On couch:  Hanley, Fran, Marcy, Marty, Judi, Jorge
On floor:  Steph, Becca, Steve, Ryan, Jamie, Dan, Jon


Standing:  Jorge, Tim, Dave, Jackie, Max, Gloria, Susan, Milt
On couch:  Judi, Young Hee, Hanley, Sandi, Rosie, Fran
On floor:  Jon, Jordan, Steph, Ryan, Steve, Becca, Kylie, John, Haviva


On couch:  Charlie, Marcy, Marty, Sam, Fran, Young Hee, Hanley, Steph, Jonathan, Sandi, Gloria, Max
On floor:  Rosie, Samira, Jon, Dan, Becca, Steve, Ryan, Kylie, Haviva, Judi, Jorge


On couch:  Roberta, Joe, Rosie, Gloria, Max, Kylie, John, Haviva
On floor:  Sara, Becca, Steve, Ryan, Steph, Jon, Susan, Milt


On couch:  Fran, Dan, Young Hee, Hanley, Rosie, Kylie, John, Gloria, Max, Milt, Susan, Jon
On floor:  Jackie, Dave, Steph, Becca, Haviva, Steve, Ryan, Milt


Standing:  Milton, Susan, Jonah, Jordan, Rosie, David
On couch:  Dan, Cheryl, Haviva, Kylie, John, Max, Gloria, Lynn, Barry
On floor:  Jon, Steph, Ryan, Steve, Becca, Mallory, Matt

2007 July

On couch: Gloria, Max, Steph, Becca, Rosie, Michael, Tessa
On floor:  Steve, Ryan, Haviva, Kylie, Jon, Suzanne, Dan

Jon, Rosie, Michael
Steve, Suzanne

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On couch:  Rosie, Susan, Milton, Dan, Cheryl, Gloria, Max
On floor:  Judah, Jason, Jon, Jonah, David



Seated on couch: Dan, Rosie, David, Max, Gloria, Steph, Becca, Ryan, Barry, Lynn, Sharla, Steve
Seated on floor: John, Haviva, Suzanne, Jon, Mallory, Will

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Seated on couch:  Michael, John, Dan, Rosie, Mary Margaret, Jordan, Judah, Susan, Milton, Max, Gloria
Seated on floor:  Becca, Nanette, Tessa, Haviva, Jon, Suzanne, Jason, Jonah, Steven, Steph, Ryan, David

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Back row left to right:  Steve, Dennis, Helen, Will, Rosie, Sharla, Suzanne, Wyatt, Jon, Barry, Andrew
Front row left to right:  Rebecca, Steph, Tory, Mallory, Allison, Lynn, Carol, Meredith

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Barry, Mallory, Lynn, Rosie, Suzanne, John, David, Max, Gloria, Milt, Susan, Jonah,
Jordan, Tessa, Nanette, Michael, Jon, Haviva, Steve, Rebecca, Steph, Dan, Cheryl    

(clockwise from upper left)

Jon, Rosie, Suzanne, Michael, Nanette, Tessa, Steph, Rebecca, Steve
(clockwise from upper left)

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Judah, Jonah, Suzanne, Claudia, Jason, Dan, Rosie, Steve, Steph, Mallory, Lynn, Barry,
Max, Gloria, Jon, Susan, Jordan, Milt
(clockwise from upper left)

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Gloria, Rosie, Steph, Steve, Milt, Suzanne, Jonah, Judah, Michael, Nanette,
 Annette, David, Ramona, Max, Haviva, Jordan, Jon, Jason, Susan, Cheryl, Dan
(clockwise starting from upper left)

Steph, Steve, Jon, Rosie, Michael, Nanette, Suzanne



Jon, Rosie, Annette, Romona, David, Madeline, Haviva, Max, Gloria,
Susan, Milt, Suzanne, Stephanie, Steve, Jason, Jonah, Jordan, Judah, David, Cheryl, Dan
(clockwise from upper left)



Max, Gloria, Rosie, Grace, Charlie, Milt, Susan, Jason, Michael, Judah, Jordan,
Jonah, Steve, Suzanne, Haviva, Jon 
(clockwise from upper left)


On couch:  David, Max, Gloria, Rosie, Hedda, Susan, Milton, Jonah, Grace, Charlie
On floor:  Jon, Dan, Suzanne, Judah, Steve, Michael, Jason, Jordan



On couch:  Charlie, Max, David, Rosie, Grace, Milton, Jonah, Susan, Hedda, Dave
On floor:  Michael, Judah, Haviva, Suzanne, Dan, Steve, Jordan, Jon, Jason



On couch:  Max, Grace, Charlie, Rosie, Milton, Judah, Susan, Dave, Hedda
On floor:  Haviva, Dan, Jon, David, Michael, Jordan, Suzanne, Steve, Jason


Max, Grace, Charlie, Dave, Hedda, Milt, Susan, Suzanne, Rosie, Steve, Jason,
Michael, David, Jon, Haviva, Jordan, Daniel 
(clockwise from upper left)
On couch:  Max, Rachel, Charlie, Hedda, Grace, Dave
On floor:  Rosie, Jon, David, Susan



Thanksgiving 1946 at the home of Jon's parents:
Jon (age 2), Aunt Lee (sister of Jon's father David), Phyllis (Max's daughter),
Louis (David's cousin), Francis (Max's wife), Max (David's brother), Hedda 
(clockwise from upper left)