Mahana Potluck


Toni                                                                                                         Melinda


Ron and Jane                                                                                          Rosie and Jon


Jack and Lois                                                                                       Sue and Milt

Mary Beth and Nancy                                                                                   Dave and Lisa

Tom and Steve                                                                                             Yvonne and Clif

Ladessia and Duane                                                                                                    Dorian

Ken and Claire                                                                                                  Joan

Ron and Jan                                                                                  Katherine and Steve

Sheela and Jim                                                                                        Jim and Kim

Jan and George                                                                              Peggy and Della

Pam and Doug                                                                                  Edie and Lee

Marj and Carl                                                                                Judy and Bill

Norm and Ann with Paul                                                                       Earl and Patricia

Joe and Linda                                                                                  Sophie and Bob

John and Cindi                                                                                  Vince and Judy

Debbie and Dave                                                                          Barney and Kathy

Jason and Vivian                                                                                          Bonnie and Jim

Peggy                                                                                                      Alice

Steve and Debbie                                                                                 Anne and Adrian

Greg and Julie                                                                                             Jim and Patti

Dorsey                                                                                            Sandie and Doug

Kate and Todd                                                                                         Cecily and Jim

Steve and Jan                                                                                 Dave and Debbie

Dominique and Lars                                                                                 Bob and Sue

Mary and Jerry                                                                                            Elizabeth and Doug      




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