Things To Do On A Maui Beach



Mother-daughter bond in the early morning sun












Set up the beach chairs                                                               Drink your morning coffee                                            Jog











Head out with the whole family












Get out the surfboards












Set up the towels                                                    Gaze at the vast ocean                                           Fill the water pail











Watch the people












Read a book                                                           Read the bible                                                        Read a map












     Take pictures or videos












Walk the dog























Hold hands



































                 Dig and build in the sand


Catch the football                                                Stroll with the family                                                  Get out the snorkel gear















Get out the floaties











Watch the gals












Watch the guys    












Go fishing












Carry the kids











Launch a canoe


Walk with a white cane


































Make a friend                                                 Block out the sun                                         Sit on a wall




































Take a surfing lesson

































Watch the sunset

Launch a kite                                          Dodge a wave                              Bury in the sand

Other Maui Pictures

Set off fireworks






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