Trash and Recycling


One of many huge landfills 300 feet high with trash that is not recycled
(Little black line to right of top of left uphill road is a large truck)


                                                                                      Constant flow of trucks bringing stuff to landfill

                    - - - - - Everything below here is recycled and does not go into the landfill - - - - -

Machine to chop branches & leaves, to make compost


Steaming mixture of compost and sludge to make fertilizer


One of many giant piles of metal from old machines, to be shredded, separated, melted, recycled


Two thousand old Walmart shopping carts, compacted for transport for recycling


Everything but the kitchen sink.
No, wait, there's the kitchen sink!


Stack of compacted cars


Bales of cardboard boxes on left, platic bags on right, to be recycled


Compacted aluminum soft drink cans
Each block weighs 1500 pounds


As of 2009, Maui recycles 34% of its trash.  Their goal is 50%.  The national average is 31%.  Even so, the unrecycled trash creates huge and growing landfills that cost millions of dollars to create and maintain.




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