Mary Margaret
on Maui December 29, 2002, to January 5, 2003


      0700 hours Monday morning, 30 December 02
Enjoying coffee and honey cookies on Jon and Rosie's lanai

                                                1000 hours Monday
                                    watching whales in Maalaea Bay

                                                 1500 hours Monday
                                 with Rosie on the rim of Haleakala crater

              1530 hours Monday Air Force officer feels right at home above the clouds.
      (On Mount Haleakala, with the Big Island of Hawaii in the background 80 miles away)

                          With a new Hawaiian friend on Tuesday

                              Under the world's largest banyan tree, in Lahaina

                            Drinking a shave ice along the Lahaina seawall

                               With Buddha

                                   New Year's Eve with Jon and Rosie
                       dinner and fireworks at Humuhumunukunukuapuaa

                                   Breakfast Wednesday at the Swan Court

                                                    Taking a break

                            Sunset dinner with Rosie and Jon at Plantation House

                                                 Iao Valley Thursday

                                  Dipping her toes in the stream at Iao

                        Giant Orchid in Tropical Gardens of Maui

                                      At the Grand Wailea Hotel on Friday


                               On Maui's last lava flow (from 1790)

                                                               With Jon

                                                    On Big Beach

                            Having her first champagne on her 21st birthday
                                                 (dinner at Nicolina)

                                              Napili Bay Saturday

                                        Sunset on Kaanapali Beach
                                                     at Hula Grill

                                   Sunday Brunch at the Kapalua Bay Hotel

                             Shopping for the new grandchild (coming in June)

Other pictures from this winter 2003 on Maui