December 2001


Waikiki Beach

Breakfast with Diamond Head in the background

During World War II, there was barbed wire on Waikiki Beach,
in case the Japanese invaded

Robin and Rosie in limo
(When they aren't busy with Japanese weddings,
they use limos as regular taxis in Honolulu.)

At last, a car with enough legroom for Jon

Outside the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Robin and Rosie inside the Arizona Memorial

On the deck of the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor

Jon in the captain's chair, aboard the USS Missouri
(I felt just like Captain Kirk)

The REAL captain takes over the chair

Jon in the gunner's station

There are other beaches on Oahu, not as crowded as Waikiki.
This one is called Makua Beach.

Honolulu Christmas lights

Rosie, Jon and Robin enjoy a museum

Jon and Robin INSIDE the crater of Diamond Head volcano

Waikiki from the air, as we depart from Oahu

Our condo, Mahana (left foreground) from the air,
as we return to Maui











































































































































                             Rosie, Robin and Jon don sailor's hats for the tour,
                                         so they will look like tourists



















































        Other pictures from this winter 2002 on Maui