Allen and Carole
on Maui February 2002















Allen, just like Jon, spends his time on Maui at the computer











But Carole tore him away from the computer long enough for a walk on the beach












Jon, Rosie, Allen, Carole at Maui's aquarium











Surrounded by fish












Four Hawaiians












Gazebo at the Enchanting Floral Gardens










Crater at the top of Haleakala volcano











Above the clouds, and feeling very cold at 10,023 elevation.
Two snow-capped peaks of the Big Island of Hawaii 100 miles away in the background.












Cousins under the banyan tree in Lahaina









On the lanai (balcony overlooking the ocean) at Rosie & Jon's condo


Click here to see the fine restaurants on Maui,
where Carole and Allen dined during their visit




Other pictures from this winter 2002 on Maui