March 9-12, 2001






Molokai is a Hawaiian island about 25 miles from Maui.  It only has 6800 residents, and is much less developed than Maui.  There are so few cars on the roads, that there is not a traffic signal on the whole island.  We see it every day from our Maui condo, so we went to Molokai for a closer look.













Arrival at our hotel:  the new Molokai Ranch Lodge














Our beautiful room had a 4-poster bed and skylights











Bathtub with feet













Rosie on the lanai (balcony of our room)












Sunset from our lanai











Dinner in the Maunaloa Room at the Ranch Lodge










Opii (limpet) appetizer














Start the next day with a rainbow














Breakfast on the hotel porch














Before we go out exploring, the ranch reminds us to
"Slow down:  this is Molokai"














Macadamia nuts as they grow on a tree















Rosie uses a hammer to delicately
crack open a macadamia nut



















Walking through the forest













Molokai's most famous sight:
Kalaupapa, the isolated penninsula at the bottom of sheer cliffs,
where Hawaiian people with leprosy were abandoned beginning in 1866
















A statue of Father Damien,
who cared for the leprosy patients from 1873 to 1886













Typical Molokai plantation home of the 20th century.
Many Molokai homes of this type are still in use.











Molokai expressway at rush hour














Heavy traffic on the major highway near downtown












Even the side streets are quite congested














Look at the size of the fronds on this palmtree






I must admit that our favorite sight on Molokai
was seeing Maui in the distance











Huge waves crash against the cliffs













The wind is making a mess of Jon's hairdo












The largest city on Molokai is Kaunakakai
(population 2658)














The Molokai cattle ranch occupies most of the land on the west end of Molokai









The ranch offers accomodations in "tentalows,"
luxury tents which look like small cabins with canvas sides.
(We decided to stick with our room in the Ranch Lodge.)















We pose by some pebbles at the ranch













Crowded beach at the ranch














Papohaku Beach  --  At three miles long, this is the largest beach in the State of Hawaii.  But there was only one couple besides us on the beach, and they were over a mile away from us!













Our car is the only car in the only parking lot at the largest beach in Hawaii.
 I took this photo at 2 PM on a Sunday afternoon.














A cute shop:  the Big Wind Kite Factory









Some beautiful scenery:  gorges in the mountains of eastern Molokai at Kamalo











The highlight of any vacation:  Sunday Brunch!
Even the dessert table (background) is uncrowded on Molokai.






Other pictures from this winter 2001 on Maui




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