Fran on Maui
with Rosie & Jon
January 13-20, 2001


Sunday brunch at the Kapalua Bay Hotel:


Shopping in Lahaina for just the right t-shirt:
On top of Haleakala (dormant volcano  10,023 foot elevation):
With the crater behind us
Left to right:
Foreground:  Rosie and Fran
Background:  Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa
                (on the Big Island of Hawaii, 100 miles away)
Big Beach:
Worshipping the sun
Photographing Tweetie in the sand
Standing on Maui's last lava flow (from 1790):
Gazing at a rainbow over the West Maui Mountains:










































































































































Other pictures from this winter 2001 on Maui
Pictures of Fran on Maui the following year (2002)



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