Marie's 80th Birthday
and Family Reunion
Owasso, Oklahoma, June 2009


















Marie with her children
Martha, Sharla, Bill, Theresa, Ron, Marie, Pat


















Marie's nieces and nephew
Patty, Kathy, Joe, Mary Margaret, Betty














Marie with her grandchildren
Clark, Will, Kim, Summer, Marie, Matt, Ron


















Martha's family
Joe, Summer, Matt, Brea, Rhett, Angie, Ron, Martha, Caleb, Robert










Party at church







Party at restaurant






Theresa, Mary Margaret, Marie, Betty



Blowing out the candles
































Visiting Teresa's grave
Patty, Bill, Betty, Marie, Jon, Melissa, Joe, Kathy















Suzan, Patty, Matt, Ron, Marie, Joe, Melissa
in Marie's backyard

















Caleb, Martha, Jon, Marie, Betty, Pat, Adrian
in Marie's backyard













Honey Cooke Judges
Joe, Jon


Rosie, Jon, Marie
in Marie's room













Looking at old photos in Marie's living room
Betty, Rosie, Martha, Marie, Patty


Suzan and Ron
with another photo album













Hot tub at the hotel
Kim, Patty, Pat, Kathy, Melissa, Will, Arly, Matt



Joe hiding under the table