Warren Astronomical Society Debate
Manned vs Unmanned Space Exploration
September 13, 2010
Cranbrook Institute of Science



Jim and Ken couldn't wait for Monday's debate at Cranbrook,
so they started their fight about manned vs unmanned space exploration
at Astronomy At The Beach at Kensington on Saturday  night.


Jerry and Jim spoke for human space exploration


Dave and Ken spoke for robotic space exploration


Jon was the debate moderator
He needed the referee shirt to keep the panelists under control


Jerry and Jim provided musical entertainment


Following are the lyrics written and performed by Jim and Jerry
(sung to the tune of As Time Goes By), reprinted with permission.


TIME GOES BY …..( For Mankind )


You must remember this….Manned Space Flight can’t be missed
For Humans to survive
The history of man demands it
And time goes by 

And if we have to chose….’Tween Astronauts and CPU’s
Our answer should be wise
For history is full of skeptics
While time goes by

    Moonflights and Planets….Should be on peoples plate
    Out to the Cosmos….Space Travel will be great
    Sooner than later….Mankind must meet this fate
    That Bertin…Can’t deny 

It’s still the same old story….Manned Space Flight, it brings glory
With money for the Pie
That finances this great exploration
‘Cuz time goes by


                                                                                JPS 9/7/10




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