Texas Star Party

Prude Ranch, Fort Davis, Texas
April 19-26, 2009











Trailer packed with all our gear in Michigan


Unpacking trailer in Texas










Setup on the field


Crescent Venus in the daytime
through Jim's scope





































Our rooms








Three of the many big Dobsonian telescopes on the field








Jon with Sam Picheloup,
inventor of the Couch Potato Telescope


Jim entertains us







Tour of McDonald Observatory












Field full of tents, trailers, and covered telescopes










One of many vendors selling the gear that we really need


Astronaut Don Pettit presents a great talk
with photos he took from the International Space Station

















Six good friends from the Warren Astronomical Society, at the end of a fabulous week together:
Jim, Bill, Phil, Joe, Dave, Jon




Other astronomy photos


Other Jon & Rosie photos



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