Bill Beers Star Party
May 24-30, 2011


Back row:  Ken, Therese, Steve, Bill, Jon, Dale, John, Jon, John, Joe, Bill, Phil, Bob, Bob
Front row:  Jim, Doug, Mike, Gary, Cliff, Jonathan, Diane, Ellen


Bill receiving gift                         Steve flipping burgers                                  Jonathan & Diane winning door prize


Ken showing gadgets to Gary                                    Bobbie & Bill hosting                            Gary & Jonathan observing the sun


Therese, Dale, Ellen relaxing on the lawn


Jon & Phil                                                               Therese & Diane

Dale & Jim                                                               Bob & Bob

Mike & Bill                                                                     Ken & Gary

Bill & Jon                                                           John & Cliff


Dinner at Coyote Crossing:   John, Bob, Jon, Cliff, Jim, Phil, Ken, Mike, Dale, Therese, Jon, Ellen


Two dinners at Hermann's European Cafe
Left photo:  John, Jon, Mike, Therese, Ellen, Phil, Bob, Dale, Cliff, Bob, Ken
Right photo:  Dale, Mike, Jon, Diane, Jonathan, Therese, Bob, Ken, John


Bonfire:   Therese (fire starter), Mike, John, Ellen, Jon, Mike, Dale, Cliff


Jim playing and singing  --   Turn on your speakers and click on the video at right above



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